Olowo Omotoke Titilope has over 4years experience in education, community service and advocacy for children living with disabilities. Omotoke currently is a Special Needs

Educator where she focuses on helping children with Autism, Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in communication and social skills target. She also has experience volunteering at different NGOs such as Slum2School (where she focuses on teaching children of migrant fishermen the art of reading and writing), Dreams from the Slum (where she teaches children creative learning). She is also the founder of The Autism Awareness Place (TAAP) with focus on running campaigns, advocacy, trainings and seminars for inclusion of children with autism and other disabilities. Omotoke holds a Bachelor Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Obafemi Awolowo University. She also holds a National Certificate in Education (NCE) from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. She is passionate and committed to grass-root community work, inclusion and advocacy for equal education for all children irrespective of the disability, socio-economic background, and/or religion. In the next five years, she sees herself building her Community Based Rehabilitation Center (CBR) – a comprehensive Center of excellence for inclusion, training, rehabilitation and integration as a form of strengthening teachers and providing a blend of learning and therapy opportunities for children with disability and their total integration into the mainstream society. Her greatest strength comes from learning to adapt to situations and people around to seek to understand them and my uncompromising smile in the face of challenges, her weakness is when people are not time conscious and forthcoming. Her greatest accomplishment is knowing she has been able to reach over 200 children with disability and put a smile on their faces through her work at the Autism Awareness Place in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also a fellow for the Global Youth Ambassador UK for Their world, and had three of her articles were published by Their World on Creative Learning for children battling with cancer, mental and physical disabilities. Also she was recently named an Ambassador fellow for ROI Africa where one of her works was published on their blog about educating over 30 children from the slum in Ajegunle, Lagos. Her greatest challenges so far are the inability to reach out to every child with disability in Lagos at once and to provide an instant cure for this disability. Her mentor is ADEPEJU JAIYEOBA; she is the founder at mother’s delivery kit and brown button foundation where she combat mother’s mortality by her mother’s delivery kit products. Presently, she is effecting change in my community because of my believe that Education is the right of every child and my work towards ensuring every child have access to quality education irrespective of their background, mental health and disability. These she does by educating children with disability in her community through creative learning by her organization, The Autism Awareness Place and also organizing volunteers to each over 300 children at the destitute home (The Hope Foundation organization). She is a very reserved and simple lady, typically, when she is under pressure she try not to talk and take a break or try to reason out why someone or a particular situation is making her stress out. Overtime, she has improved my knowledge through online courses, seminars, training, conference, motivational books reading, on hands training and practical research. Lastly, she believe; we are all stronger, wiser, beautiful, and amazing, whatever situations that may surrounds us, you are meant to shine and not to shrink because by you shinning your light, you give sight and directions to other people around you and even your community.