Volunteer Registration

The Autism Awareness Place (TAAP) is an inclusion-driven organization where we believe that each child counts and each can learn regardless of their disability, environment or social-economic background through an inclusive learning approach free of stigmatization and marginalization.

Our Mission

To create and foster a society free of stigmatization and marginalization, where children have equal access to education through empowered teachers and caregivers, and an enriched institution built on inclusion and equity.

Our Vision

Achieving an inclusive educational system, where each child has access to an inclusive education irrespective of their disability and building a community of inclusion advocates with growth mindset.


  • We are looking for committed volunteers who will dedicate a substantial amount of their time towards our online and physical projects.
  • Volunteers must have passion and zeal to work with kids
    Volunteers must be willing to learn through our online and physical training platforms.
  • Volunteers must be responsible citizens and must be able to represent the organization in good standing at all times.
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